Nathan Firefall

Hero-Born Clan Leader


Nathan Firefall is one of the Born-Heroes and one of the co-founders of the Hero group. He is an expert in both hand-to-hand and spear combat, as well as the arts of pyrokinetics and terramancy. He is one of the main male protagonists of the Alpha Campaign.


Nathan is a slim, muscular young man of eighteen with tanned skin, blue eyes and short, messy dirty blond hair. After his brief fight with Michael in the beginning of Series 1, he wears an eye patch to cover his missing eye.

He wore wolf-skin garb during Series 1, which consisted of a simple set of furs. After the defeat of the dire wolf, he began to wear its skull around as a hood. As of Series 2, he began wearing actual clothing (simple grey attire) as well as better armordillo-plate armor while still keeping the skull hood. His current outfit is a red collared shirt with a white stripe running diagonally down to the left and black cloth pants. During combat, he wears his spear on his back over red and white dragon scale armor.


Nathan takes pride in his ability as an incredibly proficient fighter, going so far as to wear trophies of his enemies’ defeat such as the dire wolf’s skull. He enjoys training and sparring matches with his friends. He enjoys combat to such an extent that once the new continent was reached, he took a job at a mercenary guild to seek and destroy tough enemies and monsters.

Over the course of the time he spent in the Nexus, Nathan became increasingly wary and paranoid when confronting new travelers. In Series 1, he generally welcomed people into the Hero camp as he wanted it to grow. However, after he was betrayed by both Michael and Nathaniel he began to grow nervous. This was further increased by Dylan’s sabotage, to the point that he began to interrogate anyone who wandered close to the village.

Despite all of this, he cares deeply for his friends (and his pets) and prefers to be in a group than go solo. His two year journey in the Nexus strengthened his bond with the few comrades he had and has formed great bonds with Matthew and Tristan, the only two whom he trusts completely. He was rather upset when Stefan ascended but let him go regardless, respecting his decision.


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In the Story
Hero-Born Arc

Nathan is first introduced into the Nexus through unknown origins. Having no memories of his past life, he wanders around before meeting Matthew in the middle of the North Forest. The two of them engage in a brief battle before deciding to team up and explore their surroundings. Heading to the pond, he finds someone mutilating a corpse and kills them. Later, he has an argument with Matthew, who storms off towards North Mountain. Wracked with guilt after Matthew’s disappearance, he spends a few weeks in the camp spear-training.

Ice Legion Arc

After the arrival of Josh and Tristan, he trains the two before they begin to build the village. In the next couple months, he helps construct the houses as well as giving company for a few unfortunate heroes. Around this time he begins crafting magical tools such as the invisibility cloak and a new set of gear due to the discovery of the pink sheep.

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Nathan Firefall

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